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45 Years Of Mark Fogg On WLEC



As Mark retires after more than 45 years on WLEC, we’re looking back at some of our favorite vintage pictures.

Our final throwback picture begs so many questions…is this Mark’s farewell thought to this place? Why is someone ready to go with a camera taking a picture of Mark’s butt?  Why would he have owned those pants?  Why would he have worn those pants? Guess we’ll never know.  Good luck Mark.  It’s been great working with you.

Today’s pic is of the people behind Mark’s success…his family. Mark is seen with Laurie, Mitch, Meredith and Megan (and non-Fogg family member Ray Ruffing on the left)

Of all the accolades being cast upon Mark, lost in the shuffle is his role as “Fashion Icon.” The bucket hat! That shirt!!

There was a point in his 45 years at WLEC when Mark Fogg was this laser-focused. The rest of the time, not so much… Love ya Mark!

Today’s Blast From Fogg’s Past takes us to a 1992 story from the The Morning Journal with Mark in the back, news anchor Vicky Taylor in the front, Dave James, now with the Ohio News Network on the left, then-WCPZ morning announcer J, Michael Wilson in the middle and WCPZ’s Randy Hugg on the right.

We’re back in 1977 again today, with a staff picture showing the entire WLEC staff back then.  Mark is kneeling in the middle. Some of the other faces of memorable WLEC voices include Karl Bates (kneeling, 2nd from the right); Dickie Schock (sitting on the right); Nat Marshall (just to the right of Mark); and Dave Mehling (behind Nat & Mark). It sure took a lot of people to run the joint back then!

Here’s Mark from an April 20, 1977 story in the Sandusky Register, limbering up for the March Of Dimes Superwalk. Fun fact: he hasn’t walked that far ever since!

Here’s one new picture and one vintage pic. The new one is Mark after receiving an antique radio from the 1930’s from Steve Schuster at the Sandusky Bay Pancake House as a retirement gift. Thanks Steve!!

And no one quite rocks the 70s Leisure Suits like Mark.  We’re pretty sure we still use that microphone to this day!!

Here’s Mark with Cleveland Indians legend Bob Feller! at the Indians 2008 Radio Day

This picture isn’t quite as vintage…from last fall, when Mark was being honored for his high school sports broadcasts at Sandusky High School’s Strobel Field.

Here is Mark and former WLEC Program Director Bill Zimmerman flanking ex-Indians pitcher Mudcat Grant. Grant was the Channel 8 partner of play by play guy Harry Jones in the 70s.

This is Mark waiting outside for ANYONE to be able to make it into the radio station, stranded here during the Blizzard of ’78 where he stayed on the air for well over a day keeping us informed.

…more pictures to come as we go through the archives….

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